Ultimate Features

How it works for merchants

Creating your bot store on aidahbot merchant platform is easy and simple. No programming skills required.

'Sign Up

Sign up to automatically create a chatbot for your business.

Upload products

Upload products with their details using your dashboard.

Link to facebook page

With just a click, connect your chatbot to your Facebook page.

Receive Orders

Now you are ready to receive orders.

Merchant Platform Benefits

Personal dashboard

Use your dashboard to monitor your sales and inventory.

Order updates

Send your customers automatic updates on their orders.

Platform integrations

Connect your bot to Facebook messenger and receive payments without any hassle.


Get a customised solution to match your unique business case.


Our enterprise solution is powered by Natural Language Processing.


Get an instant notification when a customer places an order.


Do you want to have a seamless shopping experience? checkout aidahbot AI shopping assistant.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Aidabot shopping assistant can learn your preference and make recommendations.

Conversational shopping experience

We know you love chatting on your favourite messaging app, now you can chat the same way to shop online.

Checkout without leaving social media

Stay on your favourite social media platform and complete all your online shopping.


Get instant answers to your questions.

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Aidahbot use cases

No need to create an app that will require your customers to download before using your service. Take advantage of social media, where your customers are and provide them with a bot that will handle your sales process.


With our ticketing bot template, you have a seamless means of selling your event tickets.

Food ordering

Food ordering is now simple and fast with our ordering bot template.

Hotel booking

Use our hotel booking bot template to create a bot that can help your clients to make reservations with ease.


Install a bot on your social media page to allow your customers to shop right from your page.

Get insights on how chatbots can help your business